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perennial twitter banner (1)Thanks for visiting Perennial Educator!

My name is Anthony Meals. I am a Kansas raised native, a Disciple of Jesus Christ, a lover of the outdoors and lastly a passionate learner/educator!

Initially, when I started on this blogging journey, my blog was entitled, pro doctrina ~ for learning. As the first six months of blogging went by and my blog grew, it became time to transition to a new space that better articulated the forces shaping my journey of learning. That’s when, Profiles in Learning was born, seeking to propagate the idea that our world can and must be seen from many perspectives.

Yet, sort of like renting a home I had that ever nagging sense that this was not my final destination. Since reading over a year ago, Perennial Seller, by Ryan Holiday, I kept coming back to this idea of being perennial. Though the book is more centered around creating work/art that lasts the test of time, I was consumed about how someone stands the test of time in this great profession of education.

That is my desire to be a ‘perennial’ force both inside and outside the classroom. I hope to be not only a perennial educator, but a perennial husband, father, and friend. I want to last season to season feeling renewed and prepared for the journey ahead.

What is so powerful about the concept of being Perennial is that it speaks to my core. As an agricultural educator I appreciate what nature can teach us. As a lover of the outdoors I experience the daily fruits of these perennial presences…whether a tree for shade and comfort, the blades of grass beneath my feet, or a berry bush that has produced literal fruit for another season.

The intent of Perennial Educator is to inspire our living through learning in the hopes of accomplishing lasting purpose! Thank you for being on this journey with me and I am excited to see where it will take us!