solum doctrina ~ Simply Learning

Simply Learning — As a reader your probably wondering…why is this guy putting his titles in both English and Latin? What’s up with his weird sign off at the end of each post?

The simple answer: Wanted to deepen my understanding/appreciation of the English language so I’m learning Latin and practice, practice, with more practice with a good dose of exposure is the only way to improve.  If one were to Google the question: ‘Why Learn Latin?’, you would get back a litany of answers.

Do better on your SAT! Latin is the KEY to success! Critical for a standard classical education! The list could go on and on…

Learning has become transactional. I learn and now I get something in return. Maybe a higher grade, a better paying job, or personal satisfaction. All these are not wrong or bad to desire, but if they are our only desire from our learning we may be missing the point.

Learning should be transformational.

Agimus tibi Dominus

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