Bus 02 Adventures- Modern Day One Room Schoolhouse

This past semester I started substituting for bus routes in my school district. Yesterday, I started driving a full-time route! Only catch, it was my first-time driving the route and all I had was a map. Of course I studied on Google Maps too and tried to learn distinctive landmarks, but trust me its a lot harder once you get on the ground and it is completely dark.

After picking students up at the first stop, they got an early pop quiz. Help the new bus driver pick up the rest of the students. Overall they succeed, I only missed two turns, but was able to adjust the route. On the afternoon route it went smooth!

However, during the afternoon route, I got to witness a natural extension of the classroom I never considered until I reflected more on the posts I have written previously. The grade range of students on the bus are from 6th grade to Kindergarten. With only 12 students on the bus in the afternoon it makes for an easy route, but they are spaced far out in the country and most of the students are on the bus for at least 45 minutes.

Over the course of the trip, the children were eagerly pleading that Lily read to them. As she would read the younger kids would squeal (yes, literally) with delight. They would ask what certain words meant and practiced enunciating with some of the older students. No one told these students it was time for a class on reading. No bell announced that finally the school day had begun.

As we look at society, it’s easy for us to get caught up in everything that is changing, but fail at times to see the aspects that are still timeless. Yesterday afternoon I saw something that should encourage us all. The passion to learn and grow is alive and well in this generation!

Agimus tibi Dominus 

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