Principle #4 – I Build Community

Learning does not happen in a vacuum. All learning is relational.

“Learning happens in relationship with others.
“The quality and quantity of learning is a function of the 
quality of the relationships in which the learning takes place.” 
p. 26 The Choice: In Teaching and Education  

When a student enters the classroom, they do not bring only themselves. In many cases, they bring their parents perspectives, their peers’ influences, and what knowledge they have gained from others on their life journey thus far.

To ignore these facts and failure to build community within our classrooms and beyond come at a dear cost to the learning process. Again though, community must encompass more than the teacher and student. It should also include, parents, other teachers, and fellow community stakeholders. It truly takes a village to raise a child…so why does our current day education system not reflect this?

How can create community in our classrooms that prepare our youth for the greater community they will enter as adults?

Each person has a stake in the education of our youth, what are we doing to ensure their wisdom and experience is passed to this upcoming generation? 

Agimus tibi Dominus

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