Kindred Kettle Spirit ~ Life’s Manifesto

At the start of the New Year our whole teaching staff received training on the 7 Habits. One of the challenges we had were to select an object that explained our personal mission statement or our life’s manifesto. Below is the capture of my thoughts in a draft:

“Kindred Kettle Spirit ~ Life’s Manifesto” By: Anthony Meals

Our missions so similar,
to prepare and equip for positive change,

The kettle raising water to a temperature worthy of a good brew,
And I raising a generation who will lead profound social change,

Both our work cannot be contained,

The kettle must unselfishly and generously pour out its work to make its masterpiece,
I too must willingly and eagerly pour out my time, gifts, and heart,
to both those around me and for those coming after me,

Both of our missions cannot continue without refilling,

The kettle must have a constant source of water if it is to fulfill its purpose,
I too require refilling through rest, companionship with family and friends, and reading works that expand my heart and strengthen my mind,

We both must make certain we are filled by good works,

A kettle filled with milk or orange juice will produce disgust,
I too must be cautious of what I allow in my heart and mind,
for they say that rubbish in … will only be rubbish out,

Finally, both of us and our missions were designed by a maker,

The kettle was designed by an engineer and created with material made to withstand the heat and pressure of its work,
I too was designed by a loving God, my creator, to fulfill the mission he has placed in my heart,

To him be all the glory. Amen.


If you have not taken time yet to reflect on your own personal mission, do so. It doesn’t come from one sit-down, but continuous grappling. Jot some notes today in a journal and get that first start.

Take care,
Anthony Meals

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