Valuing our Voice

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Our #CompelledTribe monthly theme post is tackling the question, ‘Why We Blog?’

So, why do I blog?

Well, let’s start with the better question, why did it take me so long to start blogging?

The root of that answer traces itself to a lie. A lie we all believe at some point in our lives and unfortunately many of us never stop believing:

My voice does not matter.

We tell ourselves, my perspective doesn’t make sense. Everyone will think that was dumb. I’m too young. I’m too out of touch with this younger generation. Or simply, I don’t have anything to say.

I confronted this with two failed previous blog attempts. I wrote two posts and felt they were horrible. So I stopped…I bought into the lie.

The reason our voice matters is because there is no voice like it. No one has been or will ever be just like us. We bring to the table perspectives and insights built upon a life uniquely lived…our own special experience.

It has been exciting seeing my brother-in-law, Austin Roe, get into blogging recently. For anyone who loves birds or even has the slightest of interest in birds his blog, Birding Big Life, will open your eyes to the fascinating natural world that exists all around us!

Austin speaks from a passion that just spills across the posts he writes. He knows the value of his unique voice and I am honored to share a part in his life.

Our voice has value, but it’s not others who have to believe it, most of the time it’s ourselves we must convince.

And convince we must. One of the greatest blessings from being a part of our #CompelledTribe has been the support and encouragement from each of the fellow bloggers.

In February and March I hit a really hard dry spell. I was overwhelmed with work that was sucking my morning writing time and I was losing motivation to blog.

Then I got a note from Jon Wennstrom, my blogging tribe leader. He was checking in on how we were doing. I could not express the appreciation of being held accountable. It was then I committed to being a consistent blogger, rain or shine, workload or no workload, blogging was going to take a priority.

I encourage my students to prioritize the parts of their lives that add value to their growth and the growth of others. It was time I took my own advice.

So, why do I blog?

I blog because I value my voice. I value the experiences I have been blessed to live. And above all I value the relationships that have taught me how to live for others.

Value your voice — because the world needs it!

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