Dear School Bus Driver

Dear School Bus Driver.png

Dear School Bus Driver,

Thank you for waking up well before daylight to get ready for the day.

Thank you for checking (and rechecking) every bit of the bus each morning for a safe ride.

Thank you for being the first smile our children see each day.

Thank you for ensuring a safe form of travel for all our students no matter their zip code.

Thank you for enduring the unpredictable weather in either rain or snow.

Thank you for being the last smile our children see each day.

Thank you for being a bus driver.

As a new school year begins we can never say thank you enough to our bus drivers. Each day over 25 million students will ride a school bus (that’s more than 50% of the U.S. student population). Last year I became a full-time route bus driver and it has totally reframed the way I think about education of the whole child. So many students would struggle to attend school if it were not for the services provided by school bus transportation.

Let’s challenge ourselves throughout the year to share our appreciation to bus drivers’ tremendous daily efforts! Safe travels this year!


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