Cultivating a Thankful Culture

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Often our organizations focus on building cultures that will help get us ahead or be better than we are now. These can be healthy cultures to work and live in, but a crucial foundation they must be built on is a culture of thankfulness.

And I’m not talking about just being thankful to those who give to our organizations or help. I’m talking about starting with those around us, who work beside us each and everyday. They are the individuals who must know and feel our genuine thankfulness. These are our co-workers, administrators, and above all our students.

The question then becomes, “How could I start sharing my thankfulness?”

It starts with being thankful for who we are and where we are. We cannot be genuinely thankful towards others if we are not thankful about ourselves and circumstances.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

When we are overflowing with a spirit of thankfulness then we can begin genuinely and generously spreading its seed. The approach of sharing our thankfulness with others will look different for each person, as it should. Sometimes it’s a thank you note, a hug, a smile, or an act of service.

Yet, I’d argue the most powerful expression of thankfulness we can all provide is saying a specific and in-person thank you. It’s one thing to say simply, “Thank you.” It is another to provide a specific reason that allows them to know what we are appreciative for.

Taking time to be thankful is good for us, those around us, and our organizations. We will not always receive a thank you for our efforts, but nothing stops us from giving them to others and that is something we should never withhold.

Cultivating a genuine culture of thankfulness will not happen overnight, but know that the fruits from such a culture will be transformative for others’ lives and our own.

This week, choose to be thankful, spreading its cheer and joy abundantly!

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