Our Serve – Part 1

our serve

It was another blast this weekend driving for the high school volleyball team. Still learning about the game and also being taught the ways of the hospitality room! 🙂

This week my reflections from the game took a particular focus on the art and act of serving the ball. A couple of things stood out that I’ll explore for my next three posts:

  • The game will not be set into motion till the ball was served…
  • Focus is everything…
  • Ball placement makes all the difference…

How many projects are waiting for us to put them into motion?

How many of our coworkers are waiting for us to make the first move?

Too often we fail to realize that the ball of change is in our hands and that the future we hope/pray for is awaiting our serve…

God blows the whistle to commence and we still stand there thinking, come on team why are we not doing something? Yet, we are the ones holding the ball. We are not powerless, we can choose to be daily agents of positive change in our classrooms and communities.

Take time this week and consider what steps are awaiting your action? Who needs you to serve the ball?

Let’s stop waiting for the “perfect” opportunity (there is no such thing), let’s not look at the scoreboard of life (most of the time it means nothing or is simply dead wrong). Let us just step up to the line and serve that ball! So much depends on it…

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