Make the Most


While at National FFA Convention when we were being debriefed for the Prepared Public Speaking competition the contest coordinator dropped a phrase that hit home for me: “Make the Most”.

“Make the Most”…gosh do we really do this!?

Do we make the most of the opportunities to invest in our students daily?

Do we make the most of the precious little time we spend with our families?

Do we really make the most of each day to better ourselves and those around us?

Making the Most of each day/moment is an intentional choice. We have the power to choose if we are making the most…nothing forces us to change that, we give it up ourselves.

I want this November to count…I want to Make the Most of this month and each month afterwards. Here’s my personal Make the Most Top 5’s for November:

  1. Go watch some K-State Basketball with my wife.
  2. Capture daily gratitudes/blessings in my prayer journal.
  3. Carve time to visit with each student individually and thank them!
  4. Plan intentionally for impact…maintain my organizer and Franklin Planner.
  5. Write five blogs and participate in five twitter chats.

How are you going to Make the Most of this November 2018? It will happen only once…so Make the Most! I challenge you to share your Make the Most Top 5 for this November by tweeting the hashtag #MTMx5.

Let’s go and Make the Most!

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