Perennial PD

perennial pd

One year ago today I started this blog. Since then I have published 82 posts….thank you to all those who have read and engaged with my writing! I’ve been so humbled and grateful from all your insights and growth you’ve caused in my own thinking and reflection.

As I’ve written over this past year it has not always been easy to sit down and write. Sometimes it felt that the mounting task list needed to always take priority. Sometimes it was that eating sense of guilt I felt from “neglecting” my other duties while writing. Sometimes it felt that my voice wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) matter, so why bother?

The greatest wins of 2018 for me have been successfully fighting back against those doubts, fears, and limiting perspectives! This blogging journey has laid the foundation for lasting professional and personal growth. A concept I have been wrestling with for over a year has been how can I be a ‘perennial’ force both in the classroom and at home. Questions such as: How do I last and not burnout? How can I sow the seeds of lasting, positive change? How can I provide vision and act towards long-term goals in teaching and raising a family?

These are not easy questions and ones I still do not have solid answers for, but I do know that my roots of understanding have grown deeper and my trunk of discipline has grown stronger. I’ll be around for another season and many more I can assure you! 😉

When thinking about Perennial PD it’s important to realize that it should not be seen as a one-time event or an occasional feel-good conference…it should be continuous, a way of life. Below are just a few thoughts to begin planting for us in the seed bed of 2019 as we pursue Perennial PD:

  • First, how do we engage in professional/personal development that prepares us to be lasting agents of positive influence in our schools, communities, and families?
  • Secondly, how can we chart a path forward that replaces short-term outlooks in all various aspects of our lives and ensures we are truly putting ‘First Things (Really) First’?
  • Finally, how do we provide time and safe spaces for healthy, sincere conversations about holistically balancing our calling in education with our personal/family needs?

Being ‘Perennial’ requires courage, integrity, and above all belief. A belief that we are committing to work and to a life that matters. A belief that we are making a positive difference in the lives of others. A belief that we will continue growing; while also maintaining a love for who we are and who we are becoming.

Next year I look forward with great excitement to see the growth we will all experience on our respective journeys! Let’s enjoy and cherish another holiday season with close family and friends! May this Christmas season be filled with many joys and blessings!

Finally, with great love, thank you for joining me on a year of growth and reflection. As always thanks for reading and inspiring my growth!

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