Heart – #OneWord 2020

2019 left me at a crossroads in many respects. It was a year of contradictions…

You can read a recap of my year here: https://perennialeducator.wordpress.com/2019/12/31/marble-moments-of-2019/

It was a year of great pain and great joy…a year of weight and of freedom! It begged the question, what is in store for 2020? This year is also unique as it begins us into a whole new decade!

For most of the fall season as I began pondering what my #OneWord for 2020 would be those previous contradictions and the newness of change seemed to dominate my thoughts. Words such as; Love, Courage, Rebel, Discipline, Obedience; were all flooding my thinking. The more I pushed each of those words unto myself the less convinced I felt they were right. It wasn’t their time, not their moment yet.

Heart arose literally out of nowhere it seemed. To be quite honest; I had already written a post selecting the word Obedience…how humorous; yet even that post kept pointing back to where my Heart is rooted — these words from David G. Benner echo with me:

The Heart has a greater perspective than the mind.

There are many who say don’t get carried away in the emotions of the Heart. Let’s be real for a moment…we all need more Heart. We need to live our lives with more Heart not less! Heart is not restricted to a set of emotions that we access in times of struggle, pain or joy; it is a place where we find connection, purpose, and relationship. God desires my Heart, he desires my Heart to be aligned to his Heart and will.

I desire a Heart in 2020 that is open, loving, compassionate, strong, and eager to follow the Lord’s leading wherever it may go. A Heart that trusts the Lord more than what my mind is willing…a sense of ridiculous obedience that arises unstoppably from the love that fills my Heart for God and those who live alongside me.

No more talk about ‘Take Heart…be encouraged,” 2020 is about being the Heart that brings encouragement and light into the world. Our lives are meant to be vessels from which God’s Heart can be made known to the world.

No more just wearing, “My Heart on my sleeve…,” 2020 is about it being the soles of my feet and the eyes of my soul. My Heart will be accessible and available to those who need comfort and love unrestrictedly; be that a co-worker, a student, or someone I’m serving at the bar.

No more, “Putting my Heart’s desire into something…” 2020 is about losing my Heart and allowing God to replace it with his Heart, plans, and desires which will be far greater than anything I have destined from my own mind.

Open the eyes of our Hearts Lord and let us act on what our Hearts see in 2020!

As we enter this New Year below is my 2020 Soundtrack, listen and enjoy! Take care my friends and never, ever lose Heart!

Step into Love by Tedashii

Haven’t Seen It Yet by Danny Gokey


Burn the Ships by King & Country

Superheroes by The Script


Let Go by Hillsong & Free

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