Trust the Plan

It has been sometime since I last wrote a blog post! Since February to be exact…

Yet, I can say it has not been time wasted for sure. My life over the past few months has been an experience of upheaval and renewal. In these past few months I have grown more than at almost any other point in my life.

Here’s the nutshell of the last few months:

-Two weeks away from completing my foster parenting class and beginning the licensing paperwork!

-Wrapping up my first season as a Middle School track coach (oh boy howdy…the lessons learned there!)

-Rediscovering that burning passion of teaching and working with our youth

-Finishing my Master’s Degree and took my School Building Leadership Certification Test (which I will learn my results this Friday eck!)

It has been a whirlwind, but one which has taught me more than ever before to TRUST THE PLAN. In the midst of so much of the transition I experienced over the last few months it would have been easy to throw up my hands and say, “What is going on? This is not what I signed up for!” Both of those statements may have been true expressions of my feelings, that life was getting uncomfortable and tough. Yet, I’ve come to see it more so as that these moments of my life and the moments which will follow may not have been what I signed up for, but rather moments I was made for.

Truly believing that though requires me to see those past struggles not as burdens, but lessons in becoming a better person and positioning myself in ways to help others cope with loss and appropriately view their self-worth. God knows what he is doing, I just need to admit I have no idea at times and trust the steps he is leading me in.

This all finally dawned on me as I was reflecting a month ago after a particularly emotionally challenging foster parenting session. It was in the midst of that reflection I saw it almost as pieces of a puzzle being arranged, all these various parts of my life were converging. What appeared at first like separate pieces of my journey were actually woven together into a tapestry that shook my core. The struggles, past tears, heartbreaks/heartaches, joys, those random jobs I didn’t think would account for much, the human connections, and the life decisions. God was saying and making abundantly clear, this all had a purpose in designing me as a person for what he has in store.

What we MUST all realize is that the journey we are on is much the same. God is intentional in not telling us the full story…though I think we’d all agree it would make life easier, right? Or maybe not…by not revealing the full picture it keeps us in a state and posture of trust towards the Lord. How easy would it be to follow and trust if we knew the end result, it would be easy, yet the Lord wants the fullness of our hearts and do so with blind trust. This has been a key lesson I am continuing to learn!

I’d be lying if I said “trusting the plan” was easy, but I promise it will deliver freedom and renewal to our lives. The Lord knows what he is doing, now let’s lean in and press forward!

Thank you to all who have been so supportive and loving over these past months it has been overwhelming and so appreciated!

Take care and thanks again for reading/sharing, Anthony

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