Profiles in Learning ~ An Introduction

Learning is everywhere.

We learn new skills for a job.
We learn the names of new friends.
We learn the lyrics to our favorite song.
We learn the rules of a game.
We learn a new hobby.

Nobody really ever taught us to learn, it came naturally, right? Not so fast. Learning is taught through modeling. We pick up this skill of learning from those around us. Learning to learn, which allows us to research and think, to create new ideas, and to continue growing is not a haphazard task. Yet, in our society today we treat it as such. We expect students to know how to learn and think…even though in many cases they have never been taught how. And I do not mean memorization skills or other various study skills for performance on an exam…I mean that our students are equipped with the mindset and attitude for lifelong learning.

My efforts in this monthly blog series seek to dive into the life of a person. Someone who lived a life of learning. By investigating the mindset and attitude of learning from these individuals along with highlighting how they went about living it out, this series will hopefully strengthen our own path of lifelong learning. In our digital age, we are obsessed with finding the next great tool to enhance learning, when the greatest tools may lie inside all of us. 

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