What is a WIN?

Last week Tuesday we had one of our largest contest days of the year. We had students competing in Vet Science, Food Science, Ag Sales, Livestock Judging, and Prepared Public Speaking. Performance wise our students competed well bringing home plenty of awards and medals, yet it didn’t feel like a win.

Maybe because it was the disappointment I felt when the students rushed off the bus without offering Megan or I assistance in carrying any of the judging materials. Potentially, it was the loud, obnoxious noises they made in the stands while other contests were being held. Or it was the final straw when I saw how no one opened their eyes enough to see that a teammate of theirs was needing their comfort and no one helped them. These may not in the whole scheme be huge issues, but I’m a strong believer in that everything speaks. Small actions to the big ones. 

It would not have been a conversation reflective of my heart if I would have had it immediately that afternoon with our students, it would have only been raw hurt and I wanted to remove my personal emotions from the situation.

During the next day’s leadership team meeting, we had a powerful conversation about what constitutes a win. Having a day to reflect and not be reactive was critical and allowed the space for the students to reflect on the day and how our actions reflected back to who we are and what we want to represent. I was able to explain my disappointment in a healthy manner, staying true to my heart, but ensuring that ‘I’ was removed to allow room for their growth.

We all came to agreement, about what constituted a win. It should not be measured by the awards we hang on the walls, but by how much we seek to build each other up, respect each other, and above all serve each other. Below was a summary of our desired WIN:

W- We stand for something bigger than ourselves.

I- I will honor myself and others by the actions I choose.
N-  Never settle for good enough…seek growth. 

What does your WIN look like?             

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