Ruthlessly Eliminate Hurry

Too often we are absorbed in the rush. We are leveraging technology to do more, but are accomplishing less. We are frustrated when relationships don’t yield fruit after the first interaction. We wonder why with as much is occurring around us that the wheels of life keep spinning deeper.

As an educator it is becoming increasingly important for me to recognize the importance of adjusting the pace of my classroom. From a constant feverish breakneck speed, to one of more carved time for deeper learning and spaces for reflective thinking. Taking time from the hurry of life to prepare students to listen and learn from their own internal rumblings, their curious soul.

Students are rarely provided the time to engage in this act. When in our society do we provide them the space to learn this when we rush them from one activity to the next?

Consider Principle #1 from The Choice: In Teaching and Education, I AM NOT THE TEACHER (The Choice p. 19)

“So who is responsible for what I have learned? Who has taught me if not my teachers?

The answer — 

A teacher that each of us knows: The curious soul that resides deep within me, the river of inspiration and imagination that flows within.

The greatest teachers in my life have been those who have awakened me to these internal currents and rumblings — those who have brought me as it were to the water’s edge and inspired me to jump and be swept around the bend.” 

May I be a teacher who is never so much in a rush that I forget to awaken the curious souls of the students before me. Yet, to awaken their souls, mine must be alive, curious, and hungry as well! How can we eliminate the hurry in our lives and immerse ourselves in the waters of our own currents? 

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