Increasing our Personal “IQs”

Summer is fast approaching and what an opportunity to increase our IQs!

For those curious, I’m not talking about that test that tells us nothing about the true potential and internal fire of the individual taking it! (Don’t get me started…) 

In the quick and powerful read by Mark Sanborn entitled the Fred Factor, he addresses our implementation quotient (IQ). Which can be expressed as:

IQ = Implemented ideas 
       # of ideas

As summer approaches we quickly accumulate a list of ideas we are going to implement for the next year that will take our teaching and learning to the next level. Unfortunately, the number of ideas that make it past the dream stage tends to be way lower than we would like to admit. (I’m way guilty of this!) From personal experience, my lower than desired IQ is the result of a lack in prioritization and discipline of followthrough. The challenge I’m accepting is to focus on three ideas that will result in greatest student impact for the coming year.

Thankfully this is not a task for me alone! I’m blessed by being in a learning community who willingly provides input, accountability, and feedback for this process. Thank you to my Blue Valley family for helping me increase my IQ for the coming year!

How will you increase implementation of the ideas that desperately need to come alive?

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