Learning By Firehose


This week has been filled with BIG starts.

First, it was the official start to preparing this year’s Kansas FFA officers in facilitating learning during next week’s Student Conference for Chapter Leaders (SCCL) for over 300 FFA members.

Then, it was also the start of my next master’s course studying the role of the university in society.

Its been one of those “firehose” learning weeks.

Drinking from a firehose would probably not be any of ours first choice in obtaining our daily need of water. Actually, drinking from a firehose would (dependent on the pounds per square inch of pressure released) hurt pretty bad…

So, that begs the question: why would anyone want to or choose to learn “firehose” method? 

Many times in life it’s not our choice whether or not we will learn firehose method; therefore, would we not be better off occasionally choosing the path more difficult to prepare for the times when we do not have the luxury of choice?

Think to a time you had to learn firehose method. 

How did you respond? How did you process and filter through to the essentials?

More than anytime in history we have access to an almost unlimited amount of information, this brings great opportunity for those prepared and equipped to process it! Yet, anytime we venture unto the great wide web, we are treated to the firehose treatment of bombardment.

Occasionally, we as educators must choose the firehose method to keep ourselves attuned to the world our rising generation was born into.

Arming our students with the ability to process information through classifying, drawing comparisons and connections, and critical analysis will be one of the greatest gifts we give this generation.

Challenge yourself this summer…find the firehose and take a drink.

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