Seeing Students as Seashells

Seashells are a beautiful demonstration of the diversity and resilience of life.

Along a beach we will never find two seashells that look the same. Along that very beach we will see seashells that have been rocked and tossed by aggressive currents to wash up pristinely on the coast.

As a child my favorite memory of collecting seashells came when I placed them against my ear. I could hear that distinctive, yet faint, sound of the ocean waves.   

As educators we have a responsibility to see our students as we see these seashells.

Our students are all unique, with special talents and gifts which we must cultivate and not crush.

Our students’ lives are each marked by stormy waters, therefore, let our classrooms be the calmness of a beach.

Our students’ voices yearn to be heard, so let us listen intently and with singular focus. 

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