Make It Count

Make it count. Each moment, every breath. Any word or thought. Being purposeful and intentional.

Let us not reside solely in the recesses of our mind or the consuming technology before us.

Rather, let us be found in the relentless pursuit of building relationships that matter and pouring our lives into communities we love.

Yesterday concluded our first day of North Central FFA District Leadership retreat. Our challenge and commitment to each other was: ‘making this year count’.

Already three months have flown by since they were elected district officers…

To start retreat we thought back to our first days in FFA, asking ourselves ‘what did we wish we had known’ because…already three years have flown by…

Those conversations were inspiring.

How do we make it count? Count not only for us, but especially for those coming after us.

How do we cultivate relationships that are beyond the surface with our members and in our short time blossom into lasting, meaningful connections?

How do we raise an engaged membership whose hearts and minds are focused on service?

These are the questions that must consume us, not….how many members attended Greenhand Conference or how many state awards did our district win?

My message today for our leadership team: We have a rare opportunity, let us shatter the past and its baggage of expectations. Let us capture these moments and make it count! 

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