MOMENTS #OneWord2019

Hello 2019!! This is actually the first year I have ever done the One Word Challenge! It was exciting as I thought through potential words…they were all over the board:

community, passion, dreams, together, belief, us, fearless, sincere, time, action, hope, choices, courage, and moments

It was during our North Central District FFA Officer’s retreat where we dug into ourselves to process during the first night of reflections and identify the word we would choose. I came in already believing I would choose Courage. It had been a theme of my recent readings and I knew it was an area of continual growth in my life. Yet, Moments arose…quite literally out of nowhere.

As I look at the “gut” list where we spent one minute capturing all the words that immediately came to mind, I knew based on placement that Moments was one of the last three words that came to mind. It was still 2nd in my final three showdown…and yet as I processed further I knew there could be no other word for 2019.


In 2019, I need to do better in cherishing the Moments I live. Moments with Annelle, by being intentional about helping make those Moments we spend together become memories we will always remember! Doing so will require me to be present in those Moments and love Annelle with an undivided heart.

Moments of capturing opportunities and not letting them slip by! Listening intently to the calling of the Lord and pausing to hear rather than rushing through the day. It will be in those “little” Moments that the Lord will choose to rock the world/life of someone I interact with if I allow him to work through me.

I must fill the Moments of 2019 and my life beyond with renewal, passion, and purpose. If I want my life to be perennially lasting then, “Putting First Things First” through renewal must take priority for the sake of my health and my family.

Passion-filled Moments will bring spark into my life and allow me to value the opportunity to work besides inspiring young people. Passion will infuse energy into the Moments that too often we take for granted and write-off as the humdrum of life/work.

Purpose-fulfilling Moments will bring alignment of my personal passion projects with the career and life God has prepared for me. Prioritizing and valuing the Moments that move the needle towards my purpose/core will bring peace and focus.

This year along with Moments, I have revised my own personal mission statement which reads simply (yet encapsulates all the above thoughts) now as: Live | Learn | Last

Finally, taking a cue from Jon Wennstrom’s inspiring post entitled “Leadership Lessons from Rocky Balboa”. He speaks about having our own soundtrack that inspires and lifts us up each day. This year I have put together my own soundtrack of songs inspired by MOMENTS for 2019. I thought about providing commentary and reasoning behind each song, but as I thought more about it, they stand on their own just fine. They actually through their unique beat/lyrics resonate the thoughts of my heart and soul better than I could justly describe myself.

Hope you enjoy and may this New Year find much growth and blessings! As always thanks for reading and growing with me!

MOMENTS Playlist for 2019:

  • Get Up (feat. Lecrae) by Blanca

  • Moments by Nathan Feurstein

  • Dream Small by Josh Wilson

  • Ready Set Go (feat. Capital Kings) by Royal Tailor

  • It’s A New Day by

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