Hello dear friends! I have to deeply apologize at my recent absence on both Twitter and writing on my blog! Since January 3rd we have been furiously packing…then moving….and now subsequently unpacking! My coworker, sixty students, countless, wonderful (and probably exasperated) construction workers, and I have spent weeks making the transition to our new Ag Ed Center.

As the quote above summarizes well, we seemed to hit a snag or a significant delay at almost every turn. Yet, time and time again my students stepped up to the challenge. We found another way and made it work! I’m one who likes to hit the ground with everything in order…I claim I’m not a “perfectionist”…yeah right…I’ve come to realize I definitely am (and working to make more realistic timelines). This presents its own set of problems when moving, but I’ve been comforted by my alumni support group, administrators, and co-teachers who remind me this is a process and it will definitely not be “perfect” a year from now or five years from now.

Yet, we can guarantee each year we will improve at our utilization of the facility and we will ramp up the quality of programming/partnerships as a result. I’m comforted hearing that from those I deeply look up to in my support network.

As with gearing up for dramatic changes in my professional life, my passion project of writing/blogging is about to experience a shift as well! 🙂

Moving towards discovering our core and the message we hope to embody through our writing is a never-ending journey for those of us who spend time reflecting through blogging. As I continue along in my journey, I’m getting closer to the core of the message I hope to leave the world with someday in my collection of reflections.

I’m not satisfied, simply “renting” a message or space that is close enough…

That being said, for close to a year, I’ve been wrestling, synthesizing the cascade of thoughts that led to the creation of what will be my new “home” base for my writing and reflections. There has been plenty of packing up old memories of past posts, moving them over, and designing a new layout that captures more of the fullness for this next chapter. Below is a link to the new site for this blog:

I’ve struggled for the past couple of months with the thought of leaving Profiles in Learning behind…but in actuality I haven’t left it behind…it has simply transformed closer to where I need to be. Closer to the core of where I’m heading…a passion for preparing young people, preparing my family, and preparing myself to act towards cultivating positive, lasting impact.

Lasting impact starts within…it starts with saying yes to the moments and opportunities granted by life that align with our personal mission. I’m prepared to make the most of the moments offered by 2019 through living my mission statement:

Live | Learn | Last

This journey of growth/reflection is not over. It is definitely just beginning.

Writer’s Note: I’d be humbled if you decide to join in the fun of moving with me to our new site at If you have feedback to help improve the site, I’m always on the hunt for great insights that will improve my website design skills…it is definitely an emerging hobby and far from a refined skill!

Finally, thank you, thank you for being amazing readers and learners. Exciting growth is ahead for all of us and I’m thrilled to hear the ways you are making a lasting change/impact in your own life, in the lives of others, and in the life of our communities. Thanks for all you do as educators, parents, students, and life-long learners!

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