Work in Progress

This spring has felt like a focused whirlwind…

Working on landscapes [and our patchy, bare lawn] around our house…

Preparing our new facilities for the spring open house and next fall…

Finishing strong with an assortment of responsibilities and roles…

Transitioning our ag program into the next phase of capacity building…

A comfort for me over this past month has been to think of each area as being “works in progress”. We don’t just arrive to a better looking landscape; we don’t just arrive to a fully operational, completely organized teaching facility; we don’t just arrive as a high quality educational program; and we NEVER just arrive as a person.

“Works in Progress” are long-term, nose to the grindstone types of goals. In many cases we have the vision of the end, but to make it come to life we are required to put on the tool belt and start building.

If we desire to live lives of positive, lasting impact; we all need to have a “Works in Progress” goal we are journeying towards. Taking the time to prioritize; breakdown a complex, high-impact goal; disciplining ourselves towards accomplishing small steps; seeing a long-term goal to completion; all help towards building a stronger self…a self who is capable of tackling the next challenge or goal.

Finally, tackling “Works in Progress” goals teach us a lot about ourselves:

Impatience is a destroyer of dreams…patience and perseverance rule the day on long-term goals.

Distraction is a time slayer…focus and discipline allows us to make meaningful progress.

Giving-up is a goal killer…tenacity and resolve girds us for the eventual tough spots, while keeping us driven.

We each need “Work in Progress” goals…what are yours?

Writers Note: Seriously, this has been a focused, crazy spring! Thanks for sticking around as I get back to a more regular writing schedule! 😉 Hope everyone has a blessed Easter!

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