Everyone Needs Windshield Time

I love driving. I love travel. As I reflect about why this is the case, the shutting out of the stresses of the day is a huge part of the appeal. The singular focus on the process of driving is relaxing and eases my mind. This time of reflection and focus is called windshield time. Each of us need our own windshield time each day, but rarely carve out time too. This was one of the many unforeseen blessings of becoming a full-time bus route driver…I am forced to take windshield time. The concept of singular focus seems to be lost on our broader society. Singular focus is wasteful, inefficient, and impractical. We need to keep up the multi-tasking and break-neck speed up 24/7.

When the CompelledTribe choose to tackle the topic of ways/techniques that we use in renewing, recharging, or rejuvenating relationships with students and/or staff during the last quarter of the school year. I could not help, but be drawn to my attempts at singular focus. For me, singular focus has been an intentional practice I have tried (and still have lots of growth) to adopt in my relationships over the past year.

It has looked like pausing at the copier machine in the morning buzz and asking the track coach how his players did the day before at the meet. (Not shuffling or stapling papers, looking him in the eyes and demonstrating singular focus even for two minutes.) It has looked like writing an unexpected note of thanks for a student about the contributions they are making in class. (The singular focus of writing a note with real meaning.) These may not seem like huge sweeping, relationship rocking incidents, but that is not the goal. The goal is the daily, personal disciplining of our minds that this world is so much bigger than us.

Each person has a life as deep, rich, and complex as our own. Each person has a story. This realization is called SONDER. Learning each others’ stories requires our singular focus (windshield time) and will renew, recharge, and rejuvenate the relationships with all those around us!   

Below is a beautiful video that details the word sonder:

Take care and finish strong,

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